ONDO HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: Snake Chases Lawmakers

Snake Chases Lawmakers from Ondo House Of Assembly
On do House Of Assembly

It has just been reported that the meeting that was supposed to hold on 25th of July, 2019 at the the Ondo House of Assembly Law makers was lately adjourned due to the mysterious happening that occurred.

It was gathered that a while the lawmakers were about to start legislative business at the Ondo House of Assembly yesterday, a snake appeared which caused everyone to run away.

A source said on sighting the snake, the lawmakers hurriedly rushed out of the chamber.

Confirming the development, the Chairman of the Ondo House of Assembly Committee on Information, Mr Gbenga Omole, lamented that the Assembly complex was dilapidated, which gave room for reptiles and termites to invade in the chamber.

He also confirmed that the complex was in a dilapidated state and needed urgent repairs, but noted that the Assembly did not have the financial capacity to carry out the repairs.

Omole stated, “Yesterday (Wednesday), when we were about to enter into plenary, a big snake ran out of the chamber, which disrupted our sitting, and we had to hurriedly leave the chamber.We were about to sit again today (Thursday) when the ceiling caved in directly where Mr Speaker was sitting; we were agitated and when we looked around, we saw the damage that termite had done to most of the wood work in the chamber.

Snake Chases Lawmakers from Ondo House Of Assembly
OndoHouse Of Assembly

While appealing to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to rescue the Assembly complex, Omole said there was a lot of legislative business before the Assembly, which needed urgent attention.

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When I said we are going on recess, we will continue to come to our offices but sitting in that chamber is what is not going to happen. We have written to Mr Governor for him to know what is happening here,” the Assembly’s spokesman added.

He stated that the snake was later killed but insisted that there were more reptiles in the roof of the chamber.

He also lamented that whenever it rains, the whole chamber would be flooded.


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