Get free subscription from this app, available for any network.

DENT App helps you send mobile data top-up and earn free data with the DENT App. Get mobile data recharge for smart phones. In this post, We are going to look into details of all you need to know about DENT App starting from what a Dent App is to how you can use it and earn free data so let’s get started. How DENT App Works Dent App gives you free 500 Dents immediately you sign up with the app.

You can convert this Dents to mobile data and to any network of your choice which is equivalent to 150MB depending on the network . Now you might be wondering is it just 30 Dent 150MB? The answer is no, you can get moret than that. Update!!! Dent is currently giving 500 free dent coin instead of their previous 220 dent coin per referral sign up.


  1.  Click  here to Download Dent App
  2. Now sign-up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address. 
  3. Once done, you will receive free 175 Dents (1GB) on any network. 
  4. Click on Invite Now” to get your referral link and start sharing to get more dents.

Like I said earlier that once you sign up with the app, you get free 30 Dents equivalent to 150MB to any network of your choice.

 There is another way you can earn data with this app which is via Referral Bonus.
Referral Bonus is what you get whenever you refer your friend or anybody to Dent App. You get this using your unique referral link given to you by Dent .
 I am going to take you through the process of signing up for DENT . 

 How To Sign Up For DENT App
To sign up for DENT App, follow the process below:

  •  Download DENT App 
  • Lunch/Install the app
  •  Enter your mobile number to get a verification code from DENT 
  • Enter the verification code 
  • Register with your: Facebook profile, Google profile or your email. 
  •  Once done with the registration, you get your free 30 Dents
  • Copy and share your referral link to earn more. 

Now that you are done with registration and have earned your free DENT,it time to change your Dent to data. 

On the above box that ask you to

  •  “SEND DATA TO” , 
  • kindly input your number in it starting with your country zip code e.g (+234 for Nigeria). 
  • Click the icon below. 
  • Now make your choice according to the number of dents you have and you will receive your data at ease. 

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