Courses to be studied in countries like Nigeria must be well focused, aiming and determining because many of the University courses still lack values in this country.
 GENERALLOADED news share their knowledge that some compulsory questions for students aspiring to gain admission into Universities should be:
What course am I to study
The relevancy of the course in the Nation
What are the job opportunities for these courses; and lot more

In Nigeria, Medicine still stands to be the general best course in every Universities only because of the believe that certain  job opportunities are readily available to the graduates of the course.
The ranking of the best universities will be rank based on the Marketability of the respective courses in Nigeria

NOTE that the ranking below is in no particular order, but only listed in alphabetical order with little explanations backing them up.

Accounting is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria, in fact
Its marketable feature that made it one of the most relevant courses to study in Nigeria institutions is based on the fact that even if it eventually happens in the future that there is no or very little availability of job opportunities, a graduate from this course can still make their way by starting up with a small store and earn more from it.
With a degree in accounting, you already have a greater career vision ahead of you.To make it best, after obtaining a degree, it is advisable to continue for the achievement of Professional Certification Examination, Masters, PhD in different sub fields in accountancy.

Agriculture in Nigeria is a branch of the economy in Nigeria, providing employment for about 30% of the population.As we all know, almost all resources Nigeria is earning is from Agriculture, if not all.Agriculture is very wide and it is capable of producing job opportunities in Science and Business sectors such as crop production, wood engineering, paper production from wood, vet. doctors, food science and technology, animal production, poultry farming, aquaculture, and lot more applications.
After completion of first degree in Agriculture, you will always have the chance  to further more in other related disciplines.

One of the best and top advantage of studying architecture in Nigeria universities is that you will always be endowed with jobs almost all the time and meanwhile, it is possible for you to work privately for a task and work for some business or official firm at a time without disturbing each other with earnings of very huge money.
Architects  will be needed in the constructions of many different structures that are very essential to human social life such as houses, hotels, bridges, railways, roads, and other designing of extended structures.

Biochemistry is a very important course to study in the Higher Institutions among the science  students.It comprises of the study of Chemistry and Biology at a time.Biochemistry is becoming quite popular in Nigeria in which graduates of this course are exposed to work at Hospitals, clinics, various laboratories.
Biochemistry is divided into three namely broad field which are; Molecular Genetics, Protein Science and Metabolism
Business administration is a broad field that is related to different type of management sectors.After obtaining a degree from Business administration, one is capable of handling sectors which include managerial, organizational and operational responsibilities of a company.With degree in this course, there are many available and well paying industries in Nigeria that can arrive at your budget.
Certainly, Petroleum is currently the bedrock of Nigeria economy which brings about Petroleum industries being paying huge amount of money as salary to their workers.Petrochemical engineering is among the top ranked in Nigeria regarding financial rewards and various opportunities attached to it.
Civil engineering is one of the top most ranked engineering courses in Nigeria Higher Institutions because it is a professional course that deals with various designs, constructions and maintenance of the natural and physical built environment and constructions such as airports, bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, road, railways and some other beautiful structures.There job also apply to Architects industries in some cases
Economics is the top and most ranked social science course in Nigeria.With a degree in Economics, you can apply for work at any establishing or production firms in Nigeria as well as service rendering companies.
Although,the reason why economics is broader is because it does not deal directly with money, but mostly with the factors of productions originated from the system of Demand and Supply.Economics is a very profitable course if studied
Electricity is one of the superficial and most needful amenities need in almost, if not all, every sectors, organizations, homes, hotels, schools, churches, banks, hospitals even in small shops.
People who study Electrical engineering are opportune to work mostly on a self employment task if not interested in Government sectors.Electrical engineering studies the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, but the disadvantage is that job  opportunities in this course are not usually readily available in Nigeria.
10. LAW
Law is the only and most ranked top best art course in Nigeria Universities.Law students looks unique in campus with their white and black uniform.There are pride of fulfillment after passing the Nigeria Barrister Association Exams.

Mass Communication
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Laboratory Science/Technology
Theatre Arts

it has a wider range of work application in many sectors in Nigeria, places such as banks, hospitals, supermarkets, administration offices, schools, airports, business sectors, even in private sectors like self made industries.

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